Auditions for “1979 Is Going” Musical

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1979 is Going is a political musical following the coming of age of four students in Iran, 1979, pre-Islamic Republic. Norah Shah is a bright university student who’s planning to go to an interview for a transfer program in England with the help of her friend Arash, behind her parents backs. At the same time, Norah’s friend Sara is attempting to convince her family to accept her new boyfriend, Siamak. All of their personal troubles come to a standstill, however, when the country goes to war. Essentially, 1979 is Going expresses Iran’s changes in government amongst kitchen bickering and break ups, and through family dinners and disappointed mothers. But above all, it expresses how much things can change when life throws something unbelievable at you.

In the Music Room on the 2nd floor of the Goldring Student Centre, Victoria College Campus
Nov. 15th 6-8 PM
Nov. 16th 1-4 PM

Please prepare a contemporary monologue and two songs; a slower piece and another upbeat piece. These songs should also be contemporary.

Break a leg! :)

Auditions for ‘No Exit’

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Auditions for VCDS’ December show ‘No Exit’ written by Jean-Paul Sartre take place next week on October 1st and 2nd in the Northrop Frye building NF003. You will be asked to do a cold reading for your audition. They will be held from 9-11PM on both nights.

Hope to see you there!

2013-2014 Season Announcement

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We are thrilled to announce the Victoria College Drama Society’s 2013-2014 season – a season of international relevance and scope, that will showcase both original student compositions and astute interpretations of beloved theatrical classics. On top of this, we have the unique opportunity to engage with both outdoor and blackbox spaces with the unveiling of the new Goldring Centre, and as such will be widening our horizons as a theatre company. We have a wonderful year of drama ahead of us, and sincerely hope that you will join us in making it possible! 
Our Shows:
Never Swim Alone 
Written by Daniel MacIvor
Directed by Cassidy Sadler
Goldring Centre Amphitheatre 
September (Dates TBD), 8PM
The History Boys 
Written by Alan Bennett
Directed by Megan Ready-Walters and Sarah Niedoba
Bader Theatre
October 24-26, 8PM
No Exit
Written by Jean-Paul Sartre
Directed by Ivana Dizdar
Goldring Centre Cat’s Eye Theatre
December (Dates TBD), 8PM
The House of Bernarda Alba
Written by Federico Garcia Lorca
Directed by Catriona Spaven-Donn
Bader Theatre
January 16-18, 8PM
The Girl That Just Doesn’t See
Original Student Show, World Premiere
Written and Directed by Nathaniel Rose
U of T Drama Festival Submission
Hart House Theatre
February (Dates TBD)
1979 Is Going 
Original Student Musical, World Premiere 
Written and Directed by Sharon Kashani
Bader Theatre
March 6-8, 8PM
All the best for a wonderful summer,
The 2013-2014 VCDS Executive

Orchestra Auditions

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Orchestra Auditions

On March 7th, 8th and 9th, VCDS will be mounting the world premiere of the student-written Odyssey: The Musical and we are in need of an orchestra for this stunning show! 

The auditions will take place at Victoria College from 8-11 pm on February 11th and 12th. For more information, please visit the linked Facebook event. 

Look forward to seeing you there! 

Greeks Week Two Show Package

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Greeks Week Two Show Package

VCDS has teamed up with the UC Follies and U of T Tix for the Greeks’ Week Two Show Package which allows patrons to purchase tickets for both shows at a discounted price. The UC Follies’ production of Antigone goes up February 28th, March 1st and 3rd and our production of Odyssey: The Musical goes up the following week, March 7th, 8th and 9th. 

If interested, purchase tickets via U of T Tix (a link has been included)! 

Auditions for VCDS Presents Odyssey: The Musical

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VCDS will be hosting auditions for its brand-new, student-written Spring musical next week. Odyssey: The Musical is based on the beloved epic by Homer; an intense story of nostos (homecoming), kleos (honour) and dunamis (strength). It follows the journey of one man – Odysseus – and his terrible struggle both to survive and to lead his men back home from Troy, while simultaneously following the trouble stirring up in Ithaca in preparation for his return. The operatic musical boasts a mix of genres ranging from classical and traditional music theatre to jazz to contemporary pop. Sample music and blogs about the musical can be found at or As a brand new original musical, Odyssey: The Musical provides performers with the opportunity to explore a cast of entirely new and varied characters, which have been listed below. We will be looking for strong actors, singers, and dancers alike, so make sure to come out next week!
Auditions will be held in the Victoria College Chapel from 9-11 PM on November 21st, 22nd, & 23rd, with callbacks taking place on Saturday the 24th from 11-4 PM, also in the Vic Chapel.
We are asking auditioners to prepare two songs of contrasting style, each approximately 1 minute in length. No monologue will be necessary – we will be providing cold-reads from the script. There will be no movement component to auditions, as there will be a dance-specific workshop at callbacks. Those interested primarily in dance should indicate this on their audition form.


Aeolus (M)
Alcinous (M)
Arete (F)
Calypso (F)
Circe (F)
Commentator (M/F)
Eumaeus (M)
Eurycleia (F)
Nausicaa (F)
Odysseus’ Mother (F)
Polyphemos (M)
Teiresias (M)
Telemachus (M)
Child (Phaeacian) (M/F)

Suitor (6)

Odysseus’ Men (11)

Athena (F)
Helios (M)
Hermes (M)
Ares (M)
Poseidon (M)
Zeus (M)

The Facebook event for the auditions can be found HERE!
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or Hope to see you there!

Facebook Event for The Accidental Death of an Anarchist Auditions

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Facebook Event for The Accidental Death of an Anarchist Auditions