VCDS 2012-2013

Executive Producer – Blaire Townshend

As an English major taking minors in both Music and Drama, Blaire is unsurprisingly a consummate theatre lover and stage freak. Born and bred a small-town American, she is thoroughly enjoying her third year in the big city, and can often be seen rummaging through used book shops and sneaking down to the COC. When not holed up in Emmanuel Library, she enjoys watching film adaptations of Shakespeare, singing operatically, being cooked for (never cooking), indulging in Ondaatje, and of course, color-coding everything in sight. She has had the pleasure of acting in several UofT productions, from Chicago to Midsummer to VCDS’ own Rocky Horror Picture Show, and thoroughly enjoyed her first stint behind the scenes as Assistant Technical Director to the VCDS last year. Blaire is thrilled to be at the helm of the society for the 2012-2013 season, and hopes that the Vic community will share her excitement regarding the compelling and thought-provoking productions to come.

Assistant Producer – Tiffany Ng

I’m Tiffany Ng and am a first-year student at Victoria College. Currently enrolled in the humanities program, I aspire to declare my major next year in international relations and/or peace and conflict studies. While both fields are unrelated to the dramatic arts, my interest in pursuing drama and staying involved in drama-related programs at Victoria College is evident and still further growing. As the assistant producer of VCDS 2012 – 2013, I hope to contribute in making Victoria’s most-packed performance year also one of the most enjoyable and most memorable!






Steward – Micah Serrano

Micah is in her final year at Vic majoring in Health and Disease with two minors in French and Classical Civilizations. Although her program of study is not related to the arts, she shares a deep love for the performing arts. Some credits include: Windsor Light Theatre (formally Windsor Light Opera) productions including Seussical the Musical and Miss Saigon, during her time at Vic has assistant stage managed Frosh Plays in 2010, and did sound for last year’s Bob production. When not studying or at working saving lives, she is a member of Silhouettes Dance Company. She’s very grateful to have the best of both worlds being on-stage and working behinds the scenes. She’s very grateful to be returning to the VCDS this time around as your Steward.





Chief Financial Officer – Riley McCullough

Riley McCullough is a second year Victoria College student studying Architecture and Environmental Studies from Los Angeles. She has a passion for theatre and has been working on shows since her high school years. She hopes to get into the business of theatre or film set design at some point in her future, although now she is just trying to survive university and the Canadian winters. Through her work experience at an accounting office, she is able to apply her super number skills as the chief financial officer for VCDS.






Artistic Director – Coco Lee

Coco Lee is a third-year Linguistics student. Often mistaken for the Wandering Backscratch Monk, she tries to at least live up to expectations. She loves being a part of VCDS, especially as Artistic Director, because it allows her to work closely with the directors of each show. For Coco, this season is about learning, risk-taking, and finding the different layers of meaning in each piece. Collaborating with directors is important in order to find those different, honest perspectives. Honest drama that affects an audience – makes you feel good or think – comes from a healthy cast with a sense of community. Working alongside the production teams to help build that community, on a foundation of fun and the love of theatre, is really rewarding, both for the cast and the audience. I hope you enjoy our season as much as we will!

Assistant Artistic Director – Calvin Akler

Calvin Akler is studying Drama and English in his second year at the University of Toronto. After performing in several VCDS productions the previous year, he decided to expand his repertoire to include Assistant Artistic Director for the current season. When not occupying various theatres and rehearsal spaces around campus, Calvin divides his time between piles of homework and the comfort of his bed. He is thrilled to be part of VCDS this year. If you are happy with his work, Calvin encourages you  to promptly bestow praise and luxurious gifts upon him.






Communications Director – Lauren Dineley

Lauren is a third year student majoring in Cinema Studies with a double minor in Book and Media Studies and History. As her studies would suggest, Lauren has a vested interest in the entertainment arts and although she does not study theatre specifically, she has a great love for all of its forms, especially musicals! In the past, Lauren has worked backstage with VCDS as stage crew, assistant stage manager and most recently as the production stage manager for A Ladylike Murder. She is thrilled to be the Communications Director for VCDS this year and can’t wait for all of you to see our upcoming season, everyone has been working incredibly hard and the shows are going to be fantastic!





Assistant Communications Director – Sydney Howe

Sydney is a second year Vic student pursuing a double major in History and Political Science and a minor in French. She hails from London, Ontario and developed a love for theatre thanks to her incredible teachers at Saunders Secondary School. In the future, she hopes to dedicate her life to helping others in some way, shape or form that she hasn’t quite figured out yet. For now, as Assistant Communications Director, she is super duper stoked to get the word out for this season’s shows.



Assistant Communications Director – Austin Leggett

Hello, my name is Austin Leggett, and I’m a 2nd year English and Drama Student at UofT. During my first year here at Vic, I had a part in every single show of the 2011-2012 season, and I absolutely loved the experiences that I had while working different works, student-written and not. More importantly, I enjoyed the people that I met along the way. Therefore, instead of auditioning for a ton of the shows, I decided to apply to be an Assistant Communications Executive for the 2012-2013 VCDS Team! I hope to have an even better year than last year meeting all of the new faces that may work their way through the program here at Vic!

Education Director – Ariel Martz-Oberlander

Ariel Martz-Oberlander is in second year studying drama performance, anthropology and english. She is passionate about theatre and is a strong believer in its educational capacities. This year she is looking forward to igniting a love of drama in everyone she can find. To this end, she spent her summer building an elaborate booby trap involving a life size statue of Shakespeare made of chewing gum. It can be found in an undisclosed location on campus.



Technical Director – Alex Jacob

Alex Jacob has been hiding backstage in a variety of capacities for the past 5 years.  Over that time he’s had the pleasure of working on such shows as Beauty and the Beast, West Side Story, Les Misérables, as well as many one-act plays and a musical that toured to the Edinburgh Fringe.  Originally from Edmonton, Alex has had a blast working with the VCDS for the past year and is pleased as punch to return this season in the role of Technical Director alongside the infinitely talented Madeline “the Clamp” Long.






Technical Director – Madeleine Long

Last time she checked, when you Google ‘Maddy Long VCDS,’ the first image that comes up is of a bloody meat cleaver…do with that what you will. In all seriousness, Maddy’s just happy to be here. (And happy to continue working with Alex “Bonesaw” Jacob…)








Assistant Technical Director – Roxanne Griffith

My name is Roxanne Griffith, and I am a first year student at Victoria College studying humanities, but I do not know what I want to major in, nor what my plans are for after four years of study. I am from Ottawa, Ontario, and was born there. I lived there most of my life, but I have been to Toronto on numerous occasions. I am one of the Assistant Technical Directors for VCDS, and I have a background experience in theatre for four years. I have worked both on and off stage, and I hope to be able to make use of my experience in VCDS this year, in making it a memorable one.






Assistant Technical Director – Olivia Long

I’m a first year student at Victoria College, a member of the Vic One program in the Frye stream and am studying English, Philosophy and Math. I love working behind the scenes in theatre and look forward to helping VCDS’s upcoming season be a huge success. Also, I love music, but only the good stuff.




Assistant Technical Director – Amy Wang

My name is Amy Wang, I’m 18 years old and hail from Calgary, Alberta. I’ve been involved in theatre tech and other backstage shenanigans for the past 2 years and have a serious and abusive relationship with theatre lighting equipment in particular. Looking forward to a really fun and exciting season, and here’s to dreaming the impossible dream and hoping nothing goes awry!

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