2016-2017 Season

Our 2016-2017 season was exciting indeed! We started with the classic Peter Pan, then moved on to the black comedy The Goat, or Who is Sylvia. To end 2016, we saw love begin and end in The Last Five Years, and the touching drama Afterlife: A Ghost Story began 2017. For the U of T Drama Festival, our submission – A Perfect Bowl of Pho – won Best Submission! Ending our season, Sondheim’s sensational musical Assassins took to the stage. Next year is VCDS’s 100th season – hopefully you’ll be celebrating with us!


A Perfect Bowl of Pho

Our U of T Drama Fest submission A Perfect Bowl of Pho was a huge success! Not only did the show win Best Submission, our remount was sold out! Congrats to everyone involved!Pho Poster


Our big musical – and our entire 2016-2017 season – has ended! A big thank you to EVERYONE who was involved in any way in our awesome season! Next year is our momentous 100th season, so we hope to see everyone there!!

Assassins Poster 4.png